Keep Your Home Warm Without Blasting the Heat

October 24, 2016

As the cold temperatures arrive, you’re trying to do everything you think of to make sure your Winnipeg home keeps the warm air brought in by your heating equipment. You’ve prevented leaks by adding sealant around your doors, added to your home’s attic insulation, and you even purchased a programmable thermostat so you can decrease the temperature to conserve energy while you’re away.

Winnipeg Supply Service Experts is here with a few more painless and affordable recommendations to help keep your home warm and comfy this winter, without breaking the bank.

Thermal Curtains - $$

Installing thermal curtains, or even thicker curtains, can help retain a little more heat inside your home. It’s simple to lose warm air to a window with a very flimsy curtain, and much easier to lose heat to a window with no covering. Get some thermal curtains this year to help keep yourself warm all winter.

Caulk Window Frames - $

The Department of Energy recommends caulking your window frames and any possible cracks that air could leak from to not only help keep heated air trapped in your home during the winter, but to also help avoid water damage and establish adequate indoor air quality.

Rugs on Hard Floors - $$$

Have you been looking for an excuse to redecorate? We have it: laying rugs on bare floors could help keep your home somewhat warmer during cold temperatures, and at the very least helps to make that path across the cold wood or tile more tolerable. So that adorable chevron number you’ve been pining for at can now be yours without the guilt.

Heating Tune-Up - $

Most critical of all is to be certain your furnace is up to the task of keeping your home warm all cold-weather long. Be 100% sure with a furnace tune-up from Winnipeg Supply Service Experts. Winnipeg Supply now gives fall discounts on Precision tune-ups. Call 204-800-0613 to be confident you and your home are warm and comfortable throughout the winter.

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