Tank Water Heaters

Winnipeg Tank Gas Water Heaters from Winnipeg Supply Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning

The typical gas tank water heaters we have are:

30 Gallon 40 Gallon 50 Gallon 60 Gallon
Rheem CV30 Rheem CV40 GSW CV50 Rheem CV60
  GSW CV40 Giant PV50 Giant CV60
  Giant PV40 Rheem CV50 GSW CV60

Note: A family of four typically has to have a 50 gallon tank. We carry a number of different models and sizes. This list is made up of our more common models and sizes to make sure your family’s requirements are met.

Some typical names we carry include:

Rheem Logo
GSW Logo
Giant logo
Rinnai Logo

Who says traditional is out-of-date? And when you check out hot water heaters in Winnipeg, who says traditional tank water heaters can’t be energy-efficient? They totally can be.

The fact is, Winnipeg Supply Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning in [targetlocation]] sells and installs a number of standard tank-style water heaters that are the greatest size for your home, capable of delivering hot water to every room, while giving you energy efficiency. With ENERGYSTAR®-certified systems, and service by the excellent plumbing team at Winnipeg Supply Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning, you can be assured that you won’t have to stress about taking a shower with cold water (unless that’s what you’re going for).

The tank water heater is designed to heat and reserve water in the tank, usually up to 50 gallons at a time. When the dishwasher, the washing machine, or a hot shower is running, the pre-heated water that’s kept in the tank goes to the point of use. The tank then refills, and the water is heated again. Tankless water heaters heat water in seconds and can provide practically an endless flow of hot water. But there are positives and negatives to both types of hot water heaters, and the choice to buy in one or the other ought to be based on your family’s needs.

Don’t worry, we have a great collection of gas and electric tank water heaters in a variety of sizes, each with great warranties and installation backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Call Winnipeg Supply Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning in Winnipeg today for ENERGY STAR®-rated standard tank water heaters. Have hot water for less! Remember, we’ll offer you a free consultation and no-charge estimate. We offer quality units, knowledge and top-notch service for all your plumbing needs, around the clock. Call 204-800-0613 today.

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